To encourage a greater number of advisors and mentors (i) from among suitably qualified and experienced older people and (ii) among those interested in supporting entrepreneurs aged 50+ The particular focus of Senior Enterprise will be on developing a group of volunteer ‘supporters’ for 50+ entrepreneurs.

50+ as “supporters”

The objective is to tap into the skills knowledge and expertise of those aged 50+ through their providing support to owner managers of new and existing businesses.

Senior Enterprise is designed to tap into the accumulated knowledge, experience and skills of those aged 50+ and turning their experience into valuable suppor intended to harness the strategic, operational and innovative capability of business.

Supporters to 50+ Entrepreneurs

The concerns of the older entrepreneur, while having similarities with those of a younger entrepreneur, have some very particular characteristics.

It is intended that specific training will be initiated for advisors and mentors so that they become especially aware and responsive to the different areas of concerns of the entrepreneur aged 50+.