Inno TSD is a private company specialising in strategic management consulting. It is located in France (South-East and Brittany).

Inno TSD manages the largest start-up business centre in Brittany, with 50 hosted companies. The 5,000 square metres facility is managed by inno TSD on behalf of the authorities of the city of Saint –Brieuc. This start up business centre is the French Senior Entreprise partner. The spaces (offices and workshops) are reserved for new entrepreneurs. It is the biggest start up business centre in Brittany with 50 hosted companies. The inno team support young entrepreneurs and help them to develop their companies. These businesses are primarily focused on business to business activities and range from consulting to ICT, sustainable development, production activities among others.

Among its activities, inno TSD designs innovation and economic strategies and implements them on behalf of Regions, States and international organisations. Its clients include cities, regions, ministries, leading research and technology institutions, as well as companies across Europe. Client organisations include the European Commission (a number of DG’s including DG Regio, DG Research and DG Enterprise).

Contact Person:

Jean-Charles MINIER

inno TSD / Directeur de Cap Entreprises
Centre d’affaires et Pépinière d’entreprises
Tel : 02 96 76 63 63
Fax : 02 96 76 60 36