To encourage a greater number of those aged 50+ to become an entrepreneur and to start a new business either by themselves or in partnership with a younger individual.


Regardless of age, many entrepreneurs cite the desire to be economically independent as the primary motivation for setting up a business. Older entrepreneurs may be in a position for the first time in their lives to pursue the long cherished dream of starting their own business. For others creating a job for themselves through starting a business is a means of improving their economic situation and standard of living.

This initiative will support older individuals to explore the personal, financial and commercial aspects involved in taking the first step into entrepreneurship.

Partnering: Starting a business with someone else

Those aged 50+ may consider starting a business in partnership with a younger individual. The drive and enthusiasm of the younger person would then benefit from the wider knowledge, experience, networks and resources of the older individual.

Be Inspired

Senior Enterprise Role Models are happy to share their stories of how they started new business aged 50+:
All PDFs are available in the ‘Role Models‘ Section of the website.

Get Started

Specifically tailored courses for thosed aged 50+ starting their own business have been successfully piloted.